Discover the Power of Branded Customer Communities

Customer communities are online spaces preferred by today’s social customer to connect with the companies they care about. Customer-centric companies are leveraging community to deliver outstanding support, collect and prioritize product ideas, and acquire new customers through customer-generated marketing content.

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“Get Satisfaction allows us to build a knowledge base that we can use to answer questions that are commonly asked. We can connect more deeply with our customers, providing them with key announcements, dealing proactively with crises, and gaining product insights that we wouldn’t otherwise have."

Brad Hunstable, CEO and Founder

- Ustream
"Now we can develop highly targeted messaging faster and earlier because customers tell us in their own words what they care about, why they like the product, and more. As a result, going into our official product launch, we’re more confident in our feature set, messaging, usability, and software stability ."

Katie Moore, Product Marketing Manager

- TechSmith